About Us

From the founders of DIPD Nails Australia, Nadia Stamp & Natalia Kajkic have created "the best brush you'll ever have!"

With a passion for designing beauty and grooming products, Nadia and Nat have been working behind the scenes to create this amazing brush.


The Daily Brush is a detangling, ergonomic and versatile brush that is suited to all hair types and all ages. Nadia has designed this brush to be an all-rounder. Great for detangling dry and wet hair in an instant without damaging the hair. This brush also works as the perfect blow-dry brush, making it easy to create effortless polished hair. Soft coral, pink and natural earthy tones make this brush so appealing. The handle has been designed to clasp easily for all hands of all sizes. It is light and easy to use.

This concept was born from being left unsatisfied after buying brush after brush, Nadia found they either couldn't brush through the hair efficiently or would rip and break the hair and then she would need a seperate brush for blowdrying. This brush has been designed as an all-in-one.

Nadia and Natalia are mums with daughters. The girls all have thick hair like their mothers and hate having their hair brushed as it often leads to tears. This is a no tears brush with the little ones calling it the "Magic Brush".